Our Mantra

Speak Something NEW ✨

HE SPOKE : A Technology-Driven Celebration Wear Brand for the Fashion Forward Men.

We use AI technology to design & render our styles virtually. Leading to zero sample wastage and lesser impact on the environment.

This makes us the only Fast Fashion Brand to launch irresistible, exclusive styles at breakneck speed and be sustainable at the same time.

Our Collection is designed to reflect the latest trends and styles, with new styles added every 100 hours.

We believe in constant newness, and to Speak Something New ✨ each day.

It’s HeSpoke's philosophy, its mantra, its battle cry. This simple phrase is the expression of the way we think, operate, communicate and work. It’s a blueprint for all that is HeSpoke.

HESPOKE Design System


Prem & Sonal


"We started HE SPOKE to bring some change in the unvarying menswear category. To create a technology-driven celebration wear brand with ethos of Less-wastage of Resources and give people First-Access to New Trends. We hope that you appreciate the approach and the craftsmanship that goes into creating and serving your HESPOKE products."


He spoke, of words so clear and true,
With a transparent view.
He spoke of adapting with the times,
Of using tech to reduce our carbon crimes.

With minimalism and lesser waste,
Sustainability was not just a fad or taste.
He spoke of living without regret,
Of making choices that we won't forget.

He spoke of change in society and culture,
Of trends and styles that are not a torture.
He spoke of newness and constant innovation,
Of celebrating life with pure elation.

And so he manifested, a vision so bold,
A voice that dared to speak and be told.

He spoke something new,

and we heard him loud and clear,

A message that inspires us all, year after year.